Baby wakes up in the night

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Founder of the site and creator, I had difficulty sleeping my baby who had a very pronounced sucking reflex shortly after birth.

So we bought a pacifier, and things went well even at night. At least until 3/4 months, where there, baby woke up several times in the night for him to be given. At the end of the roll and tired, I looked for solutions in vain. Forum, friends, nannies, fluorescent teats .... Nothing worked.


One day, I said to myself: if we proposed to baby a way that allows him to take his teat alone like those who take the thumb!

In a day, then the night was all in order!

It is a modest idea and a simple and modest product too. I have no pretension to have found the solution 100% perfect say 95% perfect !!

It is baby who decides .... There are surely other tricks that work. The key is to find the right one!
So after helping some knowledge and friends eager for sleep ..........

I decided to improve the design and invented a simple but effective concept TO HELP other parents.
- The pacifier on the wrist, the baby can make his night and his nap complete because he has the reflex to put his nipple in his mouth, like those who suck the thumb.

- Of course, putting on the classic lollipop at night can be dangerous (risk of strangulation). This risk is zero with the bracelet tetinol.

- Tétinol is comfortable and adapted to the delicate skin of a baby thanks to the quality fabric and 100% cotton and its elasticity (no impediment to the circulation) Bracelet whose size is automatically superior to the norms of the wrist of babies,

And ..... adaptable and adjustable to the wrist by certified kam pressure knobs.