Baby Sleeping: Sleeping

At what age does baby make his nights?

Baby has arrived !!! And obligatory passage: short nights !!! At least at the beginning. Let's not forget it, in Mom's belly: it does ..... neither day nor night. The fetus lives at its rhythm!

Then, inevitably upon arriving in our world, well physiological maturity must be done quietly.

Statistically most make their night around 4 months.

Roughly speaking, a newborn baby is sleeping around 4: 5 am and wakes up to drink his milk. Then, as the months go by, he sleeps longer because he no longer feels the need to feed at night;

 Around 6 months, a baby can sleep until 8 am.

Patience is the key word because some are fast and others not in a hurry. If this has not yet happened, we must continue to make clear the difference between day and night. And wait!

To put it plainly: the day is busy, we put light in the living rooms. For example, in the morning the windows are opened gently even if the baby sleeps; At regular times if possible.

At night, one sets to rest, one limits the luminosity.

During the nap, we ensure that the baby does not sleep in a room that is too dark.

In short, we are learning the normal rhythm of life.

Baby does not make his nights ??


There, even if one does not abruptly, it takes a little firmness:

- if possible, accustom it very quickly to his room.

- do not run immediately after the first crying, wait and observe. If no gas, colic .... the next time try to wait for the restorming. Trust your intuition and your baby.

- the nocturnal bottles: we will talk about it in another chapter. But I think it must be said that weeks and I helping the numbers of bibi is supposed to decrease in the day and night also .......... so not the solution. That's my opinion.


The night light: yes or no?


Is the nightlight indispensable, advised, discouraged? The weeks following the arrival of baby, the light is not necessary since baby is not afraid of the black.  The consciousness of "scary things" related to darkness and the fear of darkness manifests itself around 2/3 years. But let's face it: reality makes us reassure us parents ............. The most important is to avoid brightness too strong, the ideal is to leave the door of the room on a lighted corridor. And .... Avoid putting the nightlight directly into the baby's bed.


Baby loses teat at night and wakes up / baby sleeping and pacifier


Each baby reacts differently to the solutions proposed by the parents. Our tetinol bracelets have enabled a net improvement of the nights for the most part. It is true that the very strong motivation of parents to play for it. But other existing solutions: the fluorescent lollipop, the doudou attaches teat., The putting of several teats in the night ... for example. In any case, the question of the pacifier is a responsibility to be taken into consideration: attachment and nocturnal awakenings.